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What is the right way to use olive oil in the kitchen?

  • When you are cooking, it is best to add olive oil towards the end of the process as more of its beneficial components will be preserved.
  • When you are frying, check the temperature of the olive oil using a kitchen thermometer. It is recommended that the temperature should not be above 108°, but the critical temperature for olive oil is 2100 ° Celsius. So, in this way you can control the frying temperature and avoid losing the rich ingredients found in olive oil. If you do this, you can use the same olive oil up to 4 times. Each time you use it, let it cool and then filter it and store it in a well-sealed jar. Olive oil used in a deep fryer that has not exceeded 180 degrees Celsius can be used up to 5 times as long as you filter it after each use.
  • If you are baking something in the oven add a little olive oil on the surface – it is perfect with meat, fish, vegetables, biscuits and cheese pies etc.
  • You can also use melted olive oil on your baking trays to make your food crisp and give it an appetising colour. This also makes sure that your food does not stick to the tray. Tip – how to make a pie with a great crust: brush its surface with an egg whipped with milk and oil.
  • Brush fish, burgers, steaks, etc. with oil when you are grilling. This will soften the meat and make sure your fish does not stick to the grill. When you want to soften meat, either for oven cooking or grilling, sprinkle some olive oil on it a few hours before cooking. Olive oil is the simplest marinade!
  • When cooking vegetables in the microwave, add a little olive oil and a little water (1-2 tablespoons). It will make cook them more evenly and quicker.
  • If you are steaming vegetables, sprinkle with a little olive oil when serving to bring out the taste.
  • If you are baking a cake, replace half the quantity of butter or margarine with olive oil for an even healthier result. Tip: when making biscuits etc., remember that olive oil is ideal for every recipe and helps biscuits etc. baked in the oven to keep fresh for longer.
  • Uncooked olive oil goes perfectly with boiled vegetables, greens, white cheeses like feta cheese, and raw salads. Olive oil has a wonderful taste, and adds a dressing to your raw foods. Tips: When you want to use “strong” onions in salads or sauces, soak them for a little in olive oil so they are a little less hot.