CRETAN MYRON is an extra virgin olive oil standardization company with its headquarters at the center of Crete.

The company collects, standardizes, trades and guarantees only top-quality extra virgin olive oil, always in collaboration with selected olive-oil mills, certified by Agrocert, in the most famed areas in the entire of Crete.

A basic concern of CRETAN MYRON is the integrated care of the entire procedure from the field to the shelf. The procedure lasts all year long and includes all the production stages. Determination of the olive-harvesting period per area of Crete, quality control of the olives, good extrusion conditions at low temperatures.

Our company collaborates with producers, olive-oil mills and experts from the most renowned and award-winning areas throughout Crete. The main areas are: Sitia, Peza, Viannos & Kolymvari. It is a fact that even if it comes from the same variety, e.g. Koroneiki, olive oil varies significantly in quality, taste and aroma from area to area. We want to make sure that only the best Cretan olive oils will be selected for MYRON.

Our goal is to offer extra virgin olive oil from the best and the most fertile areas of Crete for every national nutritional plan, in order for it to be part of every cuisine.
To make MYRON synonymous with the supreme quality of Cretan olive oil to the markets of the entire world.

Through this presentation, we wish for consumers to become even more familiar with the benefits of the Cretan olive oil, the liquid gold, for their health, as well as with how it can become a part of their kitchen.